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Hi! I’m Katy. Here’s a little more about me.

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Short Version

Katy Morgan is an indie fantasy author and fiction editor with an eye for detail and a heart for supporting the creative community. When she’s not writing or editing, she can be found cross-stitching something sassy, daydreaming about hedgehogs, or drinking far too many mochas, usually all at once.

Longer Version

Katy Morgan has been an author ever since she learned to write her name. (Before that, she had to dictate all her stories to her assistants, a.k.a. adults, to transcribe for her.) These days, she spends her time harnessing mad Trickster energy to create character-driven novels about snarky, magical people doing snarky, magical things. While her stories do have a dark side, they ultimately reflect the triumph of the human spirit–and include a little romance to boot.

In addition to making up things about people who don’t exist, Katy provides editing services to other authors and fights to destroy the notion that creativity requires suffering.

When she’s not writing or editing, she can be found cross-stitching something sassy, daydreaming about hedgehogs, or drinking far too many mochas–usually all at once.

About the Compound Series

Mockups of the Dark Empathy and Fail-Safe covers on tablets, phones, and as paperbacks

The Compound Series is an adult contemporary fantasy/paranormal suspense trilogy with a dash of LGBTQ+ romance. Dark Empathy, the first book in the series, was released in 2018. The second book, Fail-Safe, came out in February 2022. The series focuses on a misanthropic empath and a sinister military complex that experiments on people with magical powers–think X-Men meets Maria Ingrande Mora’s Fragile Remedy.

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What’s a Bardic Fool?

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According to Wikipedia, the term “bard” refers to a historical class of poets, satirists, and musicians who told stories to the aristocracy.

In some ways, “fool” is a similar term. Shakespeare’s fools, for example, usually hang out next to the king and act like goofs—hiding the fact that they absolutely call it like it is. Fools are also known for poetry, music, and general cavorting.

So what’s a “Bardic Fool,” then?

The Bardic Fools of the world are the writers, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs who bring us together. We create fandoms to talk about their work—and it inspires our work—and the cycle of creativity continues.

Whether I’m writing novels, making YouTube videos, or editing other writers’ work, I’m always looking for opportunities to encourage people to share a little more of their unique creativity the world.

That’s what Bardic Fool is about.

The cover of Lost, a companion short story to the Compound Series

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