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You’ve Written the Words. Now What?

Let’s talk about editing.

As an author, you’ve got big goals for your writing–and getting your work professionally edited can make a huge difference when it comes to hitting those goals. Because let’s face it: nothing says awkward like a book with the wrong syntax or setting.

Whether you’ve misplaced a comma or an entire plot point, I can help put your story back on track.

Here’s how.

Manuscript Critique

Plot, character, pacing: let’s take a look at what’s working and what isn’t.

High-level feedback to help you spot both strengths and weaknesses so you can laser focus your revisions

When doing a critique, I look at things like character, plot, and point of view. I’ll also give you a head’s up on the reader experience: where you piqued my interest, where you lost me, and where I had questions. Think of a manuscript critique as an enhanced beta read with bonus insights and recommendations from a fellow writer and professional editor.


What a manuscript critique includes:

  • A review of the overall manuscript, including but not limited to character, dialogue, pacing, conflict, and worldbuilding
  • Answers to any specific questions you have about your book
  • A summary letter discussing all of the above and recommended next steps


What a manuscript critique does NOT include:

  • Inline comments
  • Copyedits (grammar, spelling, etc.)

Starts at $0.008 USD per word

Developmental Editing

Your story is going places. But are they the right places?

A closer look at the building blocks of your novel so you can make sure you’re actually telling the story you want to tell

A developmental edit is similar to a critique in that it focuses on things like character, plot, and setting. But a developmental edit goes into far more depth–we’re talking chapter-by-chapter feedback in addition to a summary letter with overall suggestions. It’s like getting a beta reader, critique partner, creative writing workshop, and professional edit all in one.


What a developmental edit includes:

  • A review of the overall manuscript, including but not limited to dialogue, pacing, conflict, and worldbuilding
  • Answers to any specific questions you have about your book
  • Inline comments and a feedback summary at the end of each chapter
  • A summary letter discussing all of the above and recommended next steps


What a developmental edit does NOT include:

  • Copyedits (grammar, spelling, etc.)

Starts at $0.019 USD per word


If you’re feeling cursed by commas, this one’s for you.

Polishing parentheses and deciding on dashes

Copyediting is what most folks think of when it comes to editing: a detailed review of all things spelling and grammar. If a manuscript critique is choosing the right pattern, and a developmental edit is matching that pattern to the right fabric, a copyedit is sewing it all together and making sure the stitches hold. Because having your shirt fall apart in public would be pretty embarrassing.


What a copyedit includes:

  • A clean-up of things like grammar, spelling, punctuation, and verb tense
  • Alignment with the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (industry standards for fiction)
  • Notes on significant clarity or word choice issues


What a copyedit does NOT include:

  • Any content feedback (i.e., what’s covered in the critique and developmental edit packages)

Starts at $0.015 USD per word

Katy gave me actionable feedback with a healthy dose of encouragement. She went above and beyond in trying to understand my world in order to suggest ways to make my story accessible to new readers. While she didn’t shy away from identifying problems, she did so in a really nice way.

Laura Engelhardt, fantasy author

Katy dived into my story and returned a thoughtful, in-depth manuscript review that proved over and over that she took her time in understanding my plot, my characters, the time period, and the setting of my story. Additionally, she was available to answer questions and clarify her feedback wherever I needed it (which I didn’t because she was thorough and clear). She answered questions I had about my story up front, and her answers spurred on new ideas and a renewed fever for writing and editing it. My story is better because of her!

Mindy Schoeneman, fantasy author

Some Questions and Answers

What genres do you work with?

I primarily work with fiction, and my preferred genres are fantasy, science fiction, and contemporary for YA, NA, and adult audiences. However, if you’ve got a nonfiction project in the areas of creativity, self-help, education, or online branding/social media, I may still be the right gal for you.


What does the editing process look like?

Start by telling me a little about your book using the form below. I’ll review the info and get in touch with you within two to three business days. If we’re a good fit and our schedules are compatible, I’ll provide you with a short sample edit of the editing service that best fits your project. From there, we can finalize things like timeline, payment, and any special TLC your manuscript might need.


Can you guarantee that you’ll catch 100% of the errors in my work?

No one can guarantee perfection. (And if they say they can, you should probably run the other way!) That said, I’m dedicated to providing you with the cleanest manuscript possible.


Once you’ve done your edit, I can start selling my book, right?

I mean, you could. I’d recommend you run it through a proofreader first, though. And of course you’ll need to think about things like formatting, cover, and marketing. While those services aren’t in my wheelhouse, I’d be happy to provide some ideas on where you can find them.


I want to traditionally publish my work. Do I still need an editor?

Short version: Probably not.

Slightly longer version: An editor can help you polish your story so you can put the best possible version of your book on submission. However, since you’ll have an editor (or several!) assigned to you upon acceptance with a publishing house, you may not need to hire one beforehand.

If you’re on the fence, feel free to get in touch, and we can discuss your specific project.


I have a question about something else.

If it’s about editing, use the form below. If it’s about other stuff, you can contact me here.


Ready to Move Forward? Let’s Chat.

Tell me about your book using this form. I’ll be in touch within two to three business days to talk next steps.

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