The Compound Network nearly killed them.

Now they're the only ones who can save it.
Enter the Compound
Orange-tinted book cover featuring a man looking down with his hand on his chin

The rules have changed.


1. The compound can’t be saved . . . unless it can.

(Major Henry Mortimer is determined to fix the organization that almost destroyed him and everyone he cares about—even if his “supporters” seem to be working against him.)

2. Empaths are doomed to self-destruct . . . unless they aren’t.

(Bastian Lucas thinks he’s accepted that his power is killing him—until a questionable ally offers him a dangerous way out.)

3. Failed experiments get buried . . . unless they don’t.

(Laurel was done looking back, but when a presumed-dead asset turns up at the compound very much alive, she has the opportunity to right past wrongs—or to make everything worse.)

With their fledgling new compound sinking into chaos, Henry, Bastian, and Laurel must come together to unravel a conspiracy that starts where their pasts inexplicably meet . . . before everything they’ve been trying to rebuild goes up in flames.

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Mockup of the LOST cover on a tablet

Just because you know where to go, doesn’t mean they won’t find you . . .


Chloe Pembroke can’t get lost.

Ever since last summer, the glowing paths that only she can see have refused to lead her astray. Being a normal high school freshman isn’t in the cards, apparently–no matter how much Chloe might want to avoid standing out.

Then a researcher named Dr. Oliver Adair shows up on her doorstep and invites her to the compound, a facility that trains people with gifts like Chloe’s. Joining the compound’s asset program might just be her best chance of figuring out what’s happening to her.

But the compound isn’t what it seems, and when Chloe’s only friend in the program disappears, she’ll have to break the rules and use her power to uncover the truth . . . before she finds out what it really means to lose your way.

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